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Villa Solstice: the story behind Cala Tarida’s coastal crown jewel6th November 2023

We spoke to Gabriel Olivera of Ibiza’s GO+ consultancy which refurbished the luminous, six-bedroom frontline jewel that is Villa Solstice. The Villa is a fine addition to the Charles Marlow Ibiza portfolio.

Step into Villa Solstice and you’ll immediately be seduced by the entirely unobstructed sea views from the four-meter floor-to-ceiling windows. Wander through this light-drenched property and you’ll also begin to appreciate the thought that has gone into making Villa Solstice a real home.

As Charlie Hill, co-founder of Charles Marlow says, ‘Villa Solstice has been finished to an exceptionally high standard, accentuating everything that makes it so appealing. It’s certainly luxurious but feels warm, comfortable and homey at the same time. Gabriel Olivera and GO+ have balanced the elements superbly.’



Gabriel Olivera and GO+

Architect, founder, and director of GO+ Gabriel Olivera has lived and worked in Ibiza for many years.

GO+ offers a complete architectural, construction and interior design package that focuses on honouring the unique character of each project as the company refreshes and reimagines spaces. Gabriel and his team select materials – as often as possible, natural – that help give a home soul. They also design furniture. 

Together with his team, Gabriel has a deep understanding of what it takes to complete projects in Ibiza and Formentera. Including designing spaces to enhance the effect of the islands’ gorgeous light, particularly abundant at Villa Solstice.

He also draws on more metaphysical disciplines such as Vastu Shastra, the Hindu science of architecture grounded in ancient texts that set out principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement and spatial geometry.  

Adhering to Vastu Shastra is in line with Gabriel’s belief that creating harmony is ‘essential on an island like Ibiza and especially in these turbulent times.’ Harmony is certainly a key feature of Villa Solstice.



The Villa Solstice project

Villa Solstice was designed by highly regarded Belgian architect Bruno Erpicum. Gabriel and his team began working on its refurbishment in 2020. 

The comprehensive project, according to Gabriel, ‘involved structural changes and a 100% reimagining of the interior design’. It  took around 10 months. This was comparatively little time to execute such a hugely ambitious project but it gave Gabriel a certain freedom. 

Among other things, GO+ was responsible for some indoor and outdoor furniture beds, doors and handling home automation systems. The furniture, including a most impressive kitchen table, enhances the sense of space with broad expanses and simple, sleek lines.

When it came to materials, and in keeping with his philosophy of treating each project as unique, Gabriel was inspired by ‘something natural that arose out of the colours, shapes and textures I was working with.’ 

At Villa Solstice, the result is a considered use of natural materials such as ivory-veined black Siena stone and wood in muted tones that respond to the glorious light with warmth. Contrasting splashes of intense colour add a little bit of drama.

Throughout the day, a drama of light and shadow plays throughout the house. The multi-level lighting is by Panzeri and Olev.



Affinity leads to friendship


The owner of Villa Solstice chose Gabriel and GO+ because of ‘an affinity between them and us’.


Achieved in record time, the outcome more than met expectations. The owner was extremely happy. ‘Today, we’re great friends thanks to the result,’ Gabriel says.

At the moment, Gabriel and GO+ are working on four projects in Ibiza as well as several further afield. This includes, he says, ‘a very large one in Dubai’. 

For Charlie Hill, the reimagining of Villa Solstice represents a major addition to the appeal of Cala Tarida. ‘The area is attracting more and more interest, especially from the American market, because of the launch of ecologically inspired Sabina Estates with its popular clubhouse and restaurant,’ he says. ‘Villa Sabina is minutes away from Villa Solstice.’

Gabriel OIiveria –  Ibiza’s GO+ architect

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