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Charlie Hill


Charlie Hill is partner in Charles Marlow & Bros and founded Charles Marlow Ibiza

Charles Marlow Ibiza grew out of a beautiful business I had built in Deia, a magical village in Mallorca, with my sister Chloe and my brother Patrick. We love it, and while living in Mallorca we became aware of both the beauty and the potential of Mallorca’s Balearic sister, Ibiza.

We also quickly found out that in Ibiza there are many innovative moves towards sustainable living and community-building. Since moving to the island and founding Charles Marlow Ibiza I have made many very dear friends who have opened my heart and mind. We work hard and we have fun doing it. I share a working space with creatives and technology companies. They have inspired me to see how much scope there is to be creative in our real estate business day to day. These creative inputs have improved how we do things at Charles Marlow and it is exciting to me that we continue to be creative in our market approach.

Charlie Hill on ‘The Charles Marlow Way’

At the heart of this is still the feeling of working in a family real estate business built on trust, team spirit and common goals rather than internal competition. Our team members lift each other up with a common belief in what we can create together – just like in the communities where we work. This level of trust and togetherness means a lot to me and creates strong bonds both inside and outside work.

There are a lot of agents in Ibiza; it often feels that just about everyone is either an agent themself or very close to someone who is. We are fortunate to have strong relationships with the best agents on the island to ensure we can offer a full array of homes at each price point. It is a competitive island but we use this to push ourselves forward. And whenever we face a challenge that could compromise what we believe in, we remember that we started Charles Marlow to change lives – others and ours. It is important for us to always stay focused on what we truly feel and believe and the five core values that we built our business on.

Charlie at team gathering in Ibiza, 2019
Charlie Hill listening during a team gathering in Ibiza, in 2019

So, our approach is simple. Firstly, we work directly with homeowners who really want to sell or rent, and we help them achieve that. Secondly, we help buyers find their perfect home. What we don’t do is waste people’s time by taking them to homes that don’t meet their criteria or offer to sell a property at a price which we don’t believe is achievable.

Taking Charles Marlow into the future

You could say that a straightforward and successful approach to real estate in Deia and on the West Coast of Mallorca is what has subsequently gained a foothold in Ibiza. Ibiza is not the limit of our ambitions; but we still see so much potential on both islands that they are our focus for the foreseeable future. The constant challenge is to learn and improve the way in which we match the needs of the interesting people we meet.

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