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Creating an Ibiza Mediterranean garden27th June 2022

There comes a time in many of our lives when the thought of creating a garden and taking up gardening becomes rather appealing. Especially when you live on the White Island, where the climate is perfect for creating a beautiful Ibiza Mediterranean garden.

Recently, I’ve been thinking more and more about creating my own little green oasis. After chatting with Jason Watson Todd of Terravita, whose love of gardening was born when he grew his first tomato, I’ve become even keener to try out my green fingers, particularly when it comes to growing fruit and vegetables.

My dream is to grow my own watermelons in my garden. One day.

An Ibiza Mediterranean garden starts with water

As those of us who live on Ibiza know, we have to be mindful of conserving water. This means it’s essential to grow plants adapted to our climate that can tolerate drought.

The best way to be absolutely sure you’re choosing water friendly plants when you’re creating your own Ibiza Mediterranean garden is to ask at your local garden centre or, in Spanish, vivero.

Perfectly fertile soil

This is my garden. Lots of space to start growing my tomatos.

Ibiza’s red soil is apparently extremely fertile and especially good for growing fruit and vegetables. I’m particularly interested in growing my own delicious watermelon.

With its long hot summers, Ibiza also has the ideal climate for growing watermelon so it’s not surprising that we have our own variety of especially sweet and crunchy striped watermelon.

The extra crunchiness – and better flavour – comes from the fact that Ibiza watermelon growers continue to produce watermelon with seeds. Many of the other varieties available in shops are seedless.

My challenge will be to create a garden large enough to grow Ibiza striped watermelon. There needs to be plenty of space between rows, which means a pretty big garden.

Maybe I’ll just stick to tomatoes and peppers, which also flourish on the island, for the time being and buy my watermelons from a fine supplier such as Ibiza Produce.

Plants and herbs

As well as gardening, I’m becoming increasingly inspired to raise my cooking game.

I follow a plant-based diet so I’m always looking for ways to eat as healthy I can while enjoying what I eat. Being able to grow my own flavourful herbs like bay, rosemary, thyme, sage, oregano, mint and tarragon that need very little water is highly appealing.

The idea of growing my own garlic also makes my mouth water. Incidentally, I just found out that garlic is neither a herb or a spice. It’s a member of the lily family. So now you know.

When it comes to plants, I’ve been told that the best way to decide what to grow is to look around the area and see what plants are doing well. Chances are that the same species will thrive in my Ibiza Mediterranean garden.

In my research, I’ve come across Terra Masia, which claims to be Ibiza’s largest organic farm. I’ll be heading there soon to get some good advice. Terra Masia also do 100% organic seasonal vegetable boxes.

Growing rosemary in Ibiza is easy and requires less water than many other herbs. It grows wild in the Balearics.

Garden centres

If, like me, you’re a newcomer to gardening rather than a seasoned gardener, you’re not likely to know anything about what fertilisers and other products to put on your garden to make it grow.

You probably also won’t have a marvellous array of garden equipment.

Fortunately, there are several garden centres or viveros in Ibiza that can supply everything you, and I, need.

Further reading

I’ve been told that the best book to use as a guide when to creating my own Ibiza Mediterranean garden is Gardening the Mediterranean Way: How to Create a Waterwise, Drought-Tolerant Garden by Heidi Gildemeister.

Nurturing Ibiza

Apart from the pleasure of creating my own beautiful Ibiza Mediterranean garden filled with luscious striped Ibiza watermelon, aromatic herbs and colourful plants, I like the idea that I’m helping to nurture the environment of Ibiza.

Becoming part of a movement of people who are all discovering the joys of creating their own Ibiza Mediterranean garden, vegetable patches and orchards also appeals to me. I’m looking forward to becoming one of those gardeners who can talk for hours about the beauty of their tomatoes.



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