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Meet Elizabeth Sunshine

Mother, wife, friend, cook, occasional it-girl, self-declared expert on: interiors, accessories, rose wine, cold pressed juices, anything without chemicals and her beloved island of Ibiza.


Elizabeth Sunshine is a city girl who decided, along with her other half (OH) and two young children, to spend six months living in Ibiza’s quiet countryside. Ten years later there are three bi-lingual kids, school runs, summers full of houseguests and Ibiza is home. Formerly a Londoner living under cloud cover, she now knows if the moon is full or crescent by the darkness of the night’s sky.

She grows her own tomatoes, albeit under the strict tutelage of her gardener and is contemplating keeping chickens. She is aged 43 and so of course navigating a mid-life crisis, though 300 hundred days a year of sun and a sea view seem to be easing the pain. But when all is said and done, nothing moves her more than the touch and feel of a soft leather over-sized tote, the perfect beach kaftan and a large vodka based cocktail.

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