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Hidden Gem #4 – Project Social, Santa Eulalia3rd June 2016

‘Hidden Gems’ is an opportunity for us to let you know that we’ve recently been somewhere that really think you should know about it too!  It might be somewhere we’ve been going for a while, or something we’ve chanced upon for the first time.  It might be a restaurant, a bar (as the Project Social in Santa Eulalia), a beach…it could be anything at all that has reminded us just why we love living in Ibiza so much!

We hope you get the opportunity to check them out too.  If we’ve missed any – tweet us at @cm_ibiza with hashtag #ibizahiddengem

This brand new establishment in Santa Eulalia really does offer something new to this sea side town, and will undoubtedtly appeal to plentiful English contingency that live here.  The brainchild of James & Kate Parfitt, this relaxed hang-out would fit in nicely in the trendy streets of East London, and the menu of great food, craft beers and delicious cocktails is sure to be a success.  The kitchen is open from 9am for breakfast, all the way through to 11pm at night serving a fine selection of chicken wings, slow cooked ribs, pulled pork, burgers, seasonal salads and a selection of vegetarian options

Make sure you support this new venture next time you’re in Santa, we wouldn’t be surprised if you see a member of the Charles Marlow team there doing the same!


Project Social (Santa Eulalia, Ibiza)


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