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VIP Ibiza1st June 2016

It’s opening weekend. Devotee clubbers booked their EasyRyan flights 9 months ago and the UNWI are clambering to scramble last minute jets to bring them in on time. I flew in on Thursday night and the airport looked like more of an international hub than the small airfield that serves our 571km square rock in the Med. Every new tunnelled gate was occupied and the tarmac was littered with large passenger planes, the usually dormant buses fully mobilised, staff apparently working 12 hour shifts to shuttle through the arrivals. There was a Red Bull branded double propeller plane doing I do not know what, surely not delivering cans of pop and rumours abounded that there was no parking in the private jet part of the airport as VIPs were being dropped off and their planes parking overnight in Valencia.

We may not all be able to charter a jet but there are other ways of VIPing it in Ibiza. Put these numbers in you iPhone, you never know when they’ll come in handy.

1. Deliciously Sorted

The original Ibiza concierge service. When you first arrive they will literally help you with anything: restaurant reservations, home help, beauty treatments, they’ll even throw you a house warming (if you’re prepared to surrender that kind of control). It’s a great first port of call when you’re finding your feet.

2. Ibizabus

Ably run by the affable Rodrigo, here are the people who will always ensure you get home safely. If you are a big family with luggage it is actually cheaper to book a pick up than take two taxis. If you’re on a night out and feel like you’ll never get home, book your pick up in advance. As you rest your head against the cool darkened window and speed towards home, it will feel like your Dad has come to fetch you and take you away from all the madness.

3. Ibiza Med

So there’s this expression from OH’s days in the city that is obnoxious and misogynist and refers to what one is best of hiring and not buying (not him, his friends of course). One of the rules refers to boats. So you maybe not be VIP enough to own a yacht but I’m gonna teach you how you can feel as though you do just for one day. Ibiza Med are one of several companies that will give you a crew and a boat and sail you around the island for a day. Go to Formentera, swing by Es Palmador or head up north and alight at the secret bar at Tagomago. Ibiza looks at its absolute best from its own glistening coast.

4. Chef Wido

A private chef. Nothing says VIP more than your own chefs. Before you think you’re not VIP enough, remember how much a restaurant bill can be and you realise that this might just be an affordable luxury. Guido Kosowski, self-nicknamed as Wido for us ignorant pronouncers, will create for you a barbeque banquet, a sea food feast and a dessert dream. He charges for your ingredients (usually lots left-over) and his time and he’ll leave your kitchen as he found it (I tend to re-clean, but that’s my problem.) There is nothing better than dining out at home.

5. Childcare

If you’re like us, none of this is possible without a little childcare support. Whilst kids are technically welcome everywhere in Ibiza, sometimes they are best off elsewhere. There are some fabulous women in Ibiza who artfully care for our little one, women who will stay over if you’re planning a late one. We always recommend Alexis and her team at Childcare Ibiza, many of the sitters are teachers from the International School.

Word went around that this year it was super hard to get on those all important guests lists for entry to the opening parties. Get on one list and you’re realise there was a more exclusive one too. It’s just exhausting. So take control and live like a VIP, if only for one day.


References – fully qualified child care professional offers quality babysitting, child care and nanny services across Ibiza for families with children from 0-14 years. Tel: +34 680 277 415

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