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The view from Ibiza – summer’s here and it’s looking very different25th June 2020

The pool at bohemian finca San Miguel

Ibiza is open for business and everyday life is drifting back to normal but a holiday on the white island this summer will be a quieter, more peaceful experience.

There are obviously far fewer people around than usual. Most of the shops are open but not all the bars and restaurants. Those bars that have opened have limited capacity because tables must be spread out wider than usual. Facemasks are mandatory when entering a food shop.

Apart from that, Ibiza feels fairly normal.

At Charles Marlow Ibiza, we’re seeing a surge of enquiries about the holiday rental properties in our portfolio, especially for August and September. Some owners are a little bit keener to offer a better rate on their property so there are bargains to be had.

For visitors, Ibiza is going to feel like a very different island this summer.

A view from the sundeck at Can Levell in the heart of the hippy north

The bigger clubs like Pacha won’t be opening. This will make it a challenging summer for the island’s music industry. It’s also having a ripple effect on our economy.

There isn’t work for many of the people who usually come here for the season and spend their money locally. I also know long-term Ibiza residents who are leaving because they can’t support themselves on the island right now.

Others are more positive about the immediate future. The number of tourists is creeping up so there’s work catering for their needs. Because many of the seasonal workers have decided not to come, the surplus of workers to jobs might not be so high.

People are adapting. I know a café owner who has decided to take time off and retrain as a yacht mechanic. A friend who’s normally a night club singer will be serving drinks in an Ibiza Old Town bar this summer. My DJ booker friends are putting their efforts into coming up with new parties.

It’s great to see my friends finding creative ways to live the life they love on Ibiza. Creativity is the lifeblood of this island and this spirit will be key to doing more than just survive. Reinvention is also in the air.

On the verge of a new musical era

Although the masses of clubbers won’t be descending on the island this year, the tourists who do come will still want to be entertained.

Ibiza has plenty of amazing smaller venues that tend to be overlooked by tourists in a normal summer. Venues with capacity for 300 people or under are still allowed to operate and these will thrive.

This means the underground scene, which has tended to be overshadowed by the superstar DJ events at the mega-clubs, will be even more exciting. Incredible events will happen in the unlikeliest of places. I guarantee it. And the surprises will come from local talent, especially from live music.

What many tourists don’t realise is that Ibiza’s not just about electronic music. Live music is a huge part of our culture. Fantastic, intimate events have always happened, especially in the north of the island. For me, these are the real magic of Ibiza.

Inside Finca Valeria, San Carlos, the epicenter of Ibiza hippy

Intriguing things are also happening in the weird and wonderful intimate venues of Ibiza Old Town – in private villas and their beautiful gardens. Funky outdoor venues like Benimussa Park, born in 1975 as the ‘legendary abandoned zoo’ and Las Dalias, the outdoor hippy market and venue, will be open as unusual.

The party scene is going to be more laidback, diverse and spread out over more of the island this year. New local DJs will be emerging. Live musicians will have a better chance to be heard and appreciated.

It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Exploring a more tranquil island

For some people, an Ibiza holiday can end up being a bit nocturnal. I’m hoping that fewer temptations to indulge will mean that visitors explore the island more.

A quieter, calmer summer will be a lovely thing, especially as I’ve just become a dad.

Now is also the perfect time to head over to Formentera and experience its incredible beaches and crystal clear seas. The journey by ferry is only 40 minutes.

Casa La Vista in the north with private access to Cala Xuclar beach

As tourists discover how beautiful Ibiza is, I hope more of us wake up to how important it is to protect our environment. Charles Marlow is focusing on how we can play our part to encourage conscious, green tourism and it’s good to see others doing the same.

But, most of all, I want as many people to experience Ibiza’s unique beauty as possible. Personally, I’d be happy with a quieter summer this year and everything getting back to normal for 2021.

After all, Ibiza club culture is a way of life for many and it can’t be replicated. It would be a shame if those days are lost forever.

Four far-out Ibiza homes to rent this summer

Can Lavell in the heart of the hippy north off the beaten track, surrounded by nature and very beautiful.
Casa La Vista also in the north, a beautiful home with private access to Cala Xuclar beach
La Casa Tinta, a stylish bohemian finca in San Miguel with beautiful grounds and views
Finca Valeria in San Carlos, the epicenter of the hippy movement and close to Las Dalias hippy market

I would be delighted to talk to you about all the fantastic homes available to rent this summer from Charles Marlow. When you come to the island, I’d love to share my inside knowledge of Ibiza and Formentera’s hidden gems and cool places. Email me at or call +34 971 459 504.

Written by Tim Stacey, Charles Marlow Ibiza Rentals Manager









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