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Locations / Ibiza

Locations / Ibiza


“There’s more than meets the eye”.



Mention ‘Ibiza’ and it will always evoke a reaction or viewpoint. Whether they have visited or not, everyone has an opinion. That’s the mark of this island’s fame.

But as with most things only when you give it time, explore and engage can you discover the true beauty.

Since the Phonecians founded a Port, ‘Ibossim’, back in 654BC – people have been drawn from all four quarters of the world. The Romans knew it as ‘Ebusus’, and alongside neighboring island Formentera, it was ‘Pitiusas’ to the Greeks. Early in the 20th century, artists and musicians were drawn to the bohemian lifestyle on offer. More recently it is famed for the world class DJs that perform each summer. Some people come for the music, more come for the lifestyle that is offered alongside it. Top class restaurants, cafes, beach clubs, yoga studios, juice bars continue to establish themselves – as the finest professionals in their respective fields are magnetised to the special energy. All inspired by its peace and beauty as have so many before.

Today, more than ever, Ibiza is a prime location to live and visit. Although small, with less than 150,000 inhabitants, each separate part of the island has its own unique charm. Here we share our insights into the North, South, East, West and Centre of the island – hopefully helping you to find which area you are best suited to.


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