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Locations / Ibiza

Locations / Ibiza


Your independent introduction to life in Ibiza, island of freedom


For those of us who have chosen to live in Ibiza or who discover the island and return time after time, its physical beauty, rich history and unique culture are all part of what we’ve fallen in love with.


But it’s really the spirit of the island that keeps us here or draws us back from wherever we are in the world. That keeps us feeling alive. This spirit manifests in a time-honoured tradition of welcoming and helping strangers, of accepting and celebrating difference, of embracing possibility. It animates the sense that this is a place where choice is everything. Perhaps this is rooted in the terrain of Ibiza. For such a pequeña island, there’s an enormous amount to choose from.



An island of choice: calas, restaurants and nightlife 


You can choose to take your morning dip at a tiny, secluded beach such as the enchanted Es Caló de S’illa (Moon Beach) in the deeply Ibizan far north of the island.


You can choose to settle in for a long lazy lunch at an exclusive beach club like Cala Bassa or restaurant such as Cala Jondal,watching your children scamper in and out of the crystal clear turquoise ocean. 


You can charter a classic sail boat and discover a hidden beach perfect for diving, snorkelling and wakeboarding or sail over to nearby Formentera.


You can choose to explore the backstreets of a charming yet quietly buzzing  island village such as tiny San Lorenzo, perhaps stopping for an authentic homemade lunch at nearby La Paloma.


You can choose to lose yourself as you climb the narrow, ancient streets of Ibiza Town’s Dalt Vila before strolling back down to sample the outstanding variety of delicious tapas at atmospheric La Bodega


You can choose to watch the sunset behind the island of Es Vedra, home of the legendary sirens and birthplace of the island goddess Tanit, followed by some gentle hedonism at a legendary club such as dc10, Amnesia, emblematic Pacha or its sensual sister cabaret Lío.


Or you can choose to celebrate life entirely your own way at your villa.


Making your home in Ibiza 

For many of us, truly feeling at home in Ibiza has meant finding our community, our tribe. People that share our values. We have sought out the parts of the island and the communities that awoke our instinct to know more about them, such as that of the thriving, picturesque village of Santa Gertrudis.

This has led us to understand that all aspects of life in Ibiza are very much about word of mouth.  With this insight, we have found ways to become part of a community and to give back to the island that offers us so much freedom, so much choice. Naturally, we also love the fact that we get to enjoy everything Ibiza has to offer outside of the summer months, when the island is calmer and far less crowded.


Ask us

We are people from elsewhere who fell in love with Ibiza and have chosen to live and work here with our families. Our love for the island has driven us to connect with the island, its people and culture.  It’s our mission to help you discover what you need to become an active member of the island community so you can help shape its future if you choose.  Please, speak to us.

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