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Locations / Centre

Locations / Centre


Key locations: Santa Gertrudis, Sant Rafel

The heart of the island with a unique and incredibly special vibe. Today there remains a strong sense of the original traditional Ibiza life blended in with modernity. The inner villages buzz with life year round separated by acres of picturesque scenery; fruit orchards, farmland, pine forests and lush mountains. The crowd is eclectic; you are as likely to bump into a young superstar DJ as you are an old-school Ibizenco Farmer. This is a huge part of the magic.

The main village here is Santa Gertrudis. The old colonial architecture has been adapted for luxury living in many of the homes, for people looking for an alternative to city living in the sunshine. Days can be spent coffee shop hopping, eating vegan food and doing yoga, whilst at night there is a great scene of gastro hot spots. People around the world with the ability to work remotely are, understandably, finding this the ideal place to set up office and home. It was love at first sight for us.

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