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2022 in Ibiza: a year of mastering the art of real estate and living the life we love14th December 2022

The team gets together in Ibiza

Charlie Hill, Co-Creator of Charles Marlow, looks back on the world of real estate 2022 in Ibiza, a year in which business and team members’ personal life continued to evolve.

This has been a record-breaking year for Charles Marlow Ibiza, cumulatively and due to the fact that we enjoyed our highest value individual sale so far on the island.

Remarkable Ses Calas

Focusing on exclusives in 2022 in Ibiza

Our five year plan, begun in 2022, is all about focusing on exclusives when it comes to sales.  

We reduced the number of homes we had in our portfolio and now only work with homes, buyers and sellers with whom we feel a real connection.

Our refined strategy means concentrating on fewer properties while taking the time to grasp the story and personality of the homes we offer. This enables us to build deeper relationships with buyers and offer sellers properties that truly fit their vision of living the life they love in Ibiza.

A key part of the process is sitting with architects and designers to appreciate why they made the aesthetic and functional choices they did. Before we decide on a marketing strategy, we immerse ourselves in a home and tune in to its unique energy so we can articulate that difference.

This shift in strategy paid off immediately.

In June, we won four of the most outstanding properties on the island as exclusives: Palmyra, Villa Adastra, Sa Caleta Hill, and Ses Calas.

Sold in two months, with the sale completed in three, Ses Calas exemplifies the advantages of our refined strategy. 

Invited to sell newly built Ses Calas as an exclusive, we sat with highly-regarded architects Ibizaliving to understand what makes the property so special. Next, we created a marketing plan that played to the strengths of this exceptional property. We made a powerful promotional video and gained some excellent PR in high profile real estate media.

A glorious deserted Ibiza beach perfect for swimming

New in 2022 in Ibiza – our dedicated buyer search service

Our dedicated buyer search service, soft launched this year, received exclusive mandates from clients with extremely specific requirements and we were able to find their dream home. 

One family wanted what they saw as the best view on the island. Another client wanted a home on the beach he grew up on, where there are only five houses. We found one for him.

“God’s finger”, Beniras, Ibiza

Carefully curated rentals

Our approach to the rentals side of our business has always been about surpassing client expectations. 

Demand for homes to rent in Ibiza is enormous. Rather than attempt to play our part in meeting demand by offering more and more properties, in 2022 in Ibiza we focused on building our collection of exciting, truly special homes for rent and designing the range of curated experiences to complement the experience of staying in them.

Towards the end of 2022, we appointed a new Head of Rentals, Sarah Kinniburgh.

Tim Stacey journaling after a day’s walking

Living the life we love in Ibiza

We’ve always been driven by the desire to help our clients make a deep connection to Ibiza and integrate with life on the island as much as they choose to. 

Sales and Rental Manager Tim Stacey, Head of Content Production and Innovation Hector Piñol and myself have all done this. 

We all live permanently on the island. Tim and I have young families who go to school here. We give back to Ibiza however we can. 

Living on Ibiza also contributes to our quality of life and our never-ending search for personal growth and greater physical well-being. 

Tim recently ran a half marathon and is working towards competing in a triathlon. I have a morning routine of meditation, stretching, journaling and following the Wim Hof method of immersing oneself in ice that I share with between four and eight people every morning. I also co-founded a men’s group which has grown from two or three men to twenty. 

This desire to celebrate Ibiza’s quality of life was behind our collaboration with luxury Ibiza resort Six Senses. They invited us to showcase the highest end accommodation at Six Senses, a ten-bedroom ‘mansion’ named The Pinnacle and another named The Cliffhanger, with five bedrooms. Watch the film we produced here.

Sunrise in Ibiza

Looking ahead to 2023 in Ibiza

As Ibiza becomes more and more attractive to people with high net worth, there is an increase in demand for luxury properties in a market where the number of these is shrinking.

Increased demand places even more of an emphasis on the need for us to deliver a service that transcends the expectations of even the most demanding clients. Our growth and successes over 2022 in Ibiza demonstrate that we’re more than capable of doing this. 

In 2023, we’ll be launching a new company strapline – ‘The Balearics most trusted and recommended real estate agent’ – that reflects our ability at mastering the art of real estate. 

Our new strapline reflects our experience over the past few years. It wasn’t our intention, but I am becoming the go to person to comment on the Ibiza property scene in the international media. Charles Marlow has been mentioned over sixteen times in the international media, commenting on the prime luxury market in the Balearics.

I’m proud of this achievement, which reflects the hard work and dedication of the entire Charles Marlow team, and excited for the future.

Merry Christmas from the Charles Marlow team – here celebrating Christmas together in Mallorca.

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