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Planning your property viewing trip to Ibiza the smart way11th August 2022

The Ibiza property market is as busy as ever. So, to give yourself the best possible chance of finding your dream home on the island, we’d suggest you plan well in advance for your property viewing trip to Ibiza.

Based on our experience, here are our five suggestions for planning your property viewing trip to Ibiza the smart way. 

1. Begin planning at least a month before you plan your property viewing trip to Ibiza

It’s best to get in touch with us to start your research if you’re planning your viewing trip from late September onwards.

Autumn and what we call winter are perfect times to visit Ibiza for a property viewing. The homes you want to view are less likely to be rented and there’s a better chance we’ll be able to get access. It’s also cooler and there aren’t as many people around, which makes viewing pleasant.

Contact us now with your property wish list and feel free to be as detailed as you can about what you’re looking for.

2. Arrange a fact-finding call with us at least two weeks before you come out

Because the market continues to move so fast, it’s essential that you move quickly to share your wish list with us.

As soon as you know when you’re coming to Ibiza, schedule a call with us to get a live reading of the state of the market and check that your property wish list is still realistic.

Remember you can always give yourself even more of an advantage by signing up for our newsletter and finding out about our secret listings first.

3. Make yourself an appealing proposition for real estate agents 

The best real estate agents are extremely busy right now and this isn’t likely to change for a while. Inevitably, we respond more quickly to potential clients who have done their homework and are prepared.

Make sure you’re as specific  and realistic as you can be about what you’re looking for. Be clear on the legal side of things and ready to move fast. For example, you’ll need an NIE – a foreigners’ identification number –  to buy a home in Ibiza but you can apply for one now.

Ask us how we can best help you now.

4. Understand the real cost of investing in a home

When you factor in transfer tax (the Spanish equivalent of stamp duty), lawyers’ fees and potentially a mortgage, you may well be looking at a buying cost of 13 to 14 % above your dream home’s purchase price.

Be aware of this and make sure you can cover additional fees on top of the price of the property.

5. Keep flexible and open-minded

While it is vital to be prepared and clear about what you’re looking for, it’s also a good idea to be open-minded and respond to what the island offers you.

So don’t be disappointed if you can’t find exactly what want. Look at the homes that are available with an open mind.

The Charles Marlow team getting together in Ibiza.

Ask us about our Dedicated Property Finder service

To help you have the best possible opportunity to find exactly what you’re looking for, we offer our exclusive Dedicated Property Finder service. 

If you choose to appoint Charles Marlow exclusively to search for property on your behalf for a period of three or six months without approaching other Ibiza real estate agents, we will dedicate ourselves to finding your dream home.

The advantage for you is that you have access to our insider knowledge of the Ibiza property market via our own intelligence and that of our network. This covers homes that are not yet on the open market or where the owner is open to selling but has yet to commit.

Our Dedicated Property Finder service is the ideal way for you to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have an advantage over other potential buyers.

Rent with us while you view

When you’re planning a property viewing trip to Ibiza, you’ll want to base yourself somewhere comfortable and convenient for your viewings.

For short visits, we suggest you stay in a hotel. But start thinking about reserving now. Hotels will be busy until at least the end of October.

If you’re planning on staying longer to really get a feel for Ibiza, ask about our rentals service. We may well have availability at the time you’d like to visit. 

To speak with us about planning your viewing trip, our Dedicated Property Finder Service or ask about rentals, email or call +34 971 636 427.

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