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Five tips for a relaxing property viewing trip to Ibiza11th August 2022

If you’re contemplating buying a home in Ibiza, the island itself probably has a lot to do with it. Even if you think you know Ibiza well, it makes sense to combine your property viewing trip with exploring the white island.

With this in mind, here are our five top suggestions for how to make sure you have a relaxing but enlightening property viewing trip to Ibiza.

1. Base yourself in the area you’re keen on

No matter how much you research, the best way to get a real feel for the place in which the homes you’re viewing are located is to stay in a hotel or rent a home there.

If you’re thinking about buying in a village or town, spend time in the local bars and restaurants and shop locally. This is where you’ll meet your neighbours and soak up real insider information.

Stay in a hotel if you’re coming for just a couple of days. But, if you have more time, ask us about our rental portfolio. Email or call +34 971 459 504.

2. Buy My Ibiza by island native Hjordis Fogelberg

The best way to plan how you’re going to explore Ibiza is to read Hjordis Fogelberg’s My Ibiza.

Hjordis grew up on Ibiza and still lives here. Her love for the island and her real insider’s knowledge are amply present in My Ibiza. Browse her beautifully illustrated and produced book, available from booksellers on the island, and you’ll soon have a goodly-sized list of places you’d like to visit.

Read our interview with Hjordis here.

3. Appreciate the character of different Ibiza locations

As we all know, even if you’re buying a home that will become your own private Ibiza retreat, the character of the part of the island in which that home sits will probably influence your decision.

Stop off in the villages closest to the homes you’re viewing and get a feel for them. One of the great things about Ibiza is that, although it’s international and highly sophisticated, the villages are often traditionally Ibizan. 

There are great bars and restaurants tucked away in these villages, such as legendary hippy Bar Anita in San Carlos. Relaxing at Bar Anita is a great way to immerse yourself in San Carlos life. You might also like to check out the legendary Last Dalias hippy market.

4. Explore the beaches on your property viewing trip to Ibiza

Being close to a fantastic beach is probably one of the main reasons why you’re thinking about a home in Ibiza.

From the secluded calas of the north of the island to the longer sandy beaches on the east and west coasts, Ibiza has every kind of cala experience.

The beach is integral to island quality of life for all of us. But, if you have children, it’s even more important. Read our recommendations for Ibiza’s five most family-friendly beaches here.

5. Get lost

One of the best ways to discover a place is to deliberately get yourself lost. And the good thing about Ibiza is that you can have an adventure without really losing your way.

So, why not hop in your hire car, resist the temptation to use the navigation system or Google Maps and just drive? You’re bound to end up somewhere intriguing.

Do the same in the Dalt Vila, the oldest part of Ibiza Town. Wander the narrow, ancient streets and stop at any bar or restaurant that looks interesting to you. 

After all, this is the real spirit of Ibiza: being open to possibility.

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Tim Stacey

Tim is our Sales & Rentals manager in Ibiza, responsible for all of our listings on The White Isle. As well has having an intricate knowledge of the luxury villa market, he's an enthusiast for everything that Ibiza has to offer. Tim lives with his family in San Juan, in the beautiful north of Ibiza.

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