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Secret real estate listings in Ibiza – another world of choice25th April 2022

We have several secret listings close to beautiful Cala Xarraca.

As anyone looking for a home in Ibiza will know, demand outstrips supply right now. So, if you have your heart set on the White Island, what do you do? Finding out more about our secret listings could be the answer.

A secret listing is essentially a home not being promoted by us online.

This could simply be because it’s just been listed with us and we haven’t yet had time to publish the details on our website.

It could also be because a home is not officially for sale. But, as a result of our close relationships with people in our community, we know the owner would sell to the right buyer or if the offer was right. Or they might be open to selling in the not too distant future.

We always include at least one secret listing in our monthly newsletter.

Secret listings tend to be very beautiful, extremely special, high-quality homes that owners have lavished love upon, tucked away in secluded locations. Their value is always E5 million or more.

Although I say so myself, Charles Marlow is especially strong on secret listings. That’s because we have our finger on the pulse of the Ibiza real estate market and are among the very first to know – if not the first – when an incredible home comes on the market.

We’d love to put you at the front of the queue for your dream home.

Are secret listings right for you?

If you have a pretty clear idea of the kind of home you want to buy and where it should be on the island but haven’t been able to find what you’re looking for, you should definitely ask us about secret listings.

When you do so, you already have an edge over other buyers looking for something similar to you in roughly the same area because, by definition, they don’t know a home has been secretly listed with us.

It’s not just having an edge on other potential buyers in a sellers’ market. Price could also be a factor. If a house is particularly well-priced, it’s likely that there will be a bidding war when it goes live on our website. If you find out about it when it’s a secret listing, you can put in an offer before the feeding frenzy begins.

Can Citrus – a secret listing success story

To give you some idea of how secret listings work, let’s take the example of Can Citrus.

Can Citrus, the Blakstad designed property top secret no longer.

At first, you couldn’t find Can Citrus on our website. If you wanted to know more about this brand new, outstanding Blakstad designed property, you had to be in our network – receiving our newsletter or reading our blog regularly – or know the real estate agents in our Ibiza network.

When we launched Can Citrus as a secret listing, the response was the largest ever. This is partly because it is an amazing home priced fairly, but it’s also because demand for the right kind of home on the island is just so high right now.

To take advantage of our secret listings, join our mailing list or get in touch to brief us on what you’re looking for and we can go from there.

Allow us to guide you into our secret Ibiza

Cala de Sant Vicent, busy in the summer but tranquility itself off-season.

I’ve learned that the only way to discover the secret Ibiza is to either live on the island permanently or ask someone who does to show you around.

My knowledge of Ibiza comes from exploring the island though a process of trial and error rather than using a guidebook or map. I’ve also driven my fair share of bumpy narrow roads and hiked twisting turning paths for miles.

In this way, I’ve discovered beautiful, remote places – particularly in the north and north-east of the island – where it can feel like you’re the only person around for miles.

For example, this was how I discovered the very tip of Na Xamena to the north of San Miguel, the location of the breathtaking Hacienda hotel and spa.

More recently, I was walking in the north-west of Ibiza around Santa Inés and Sant Mateu, an area that feels particularly untouched by tourism, when I discovered the most incredible roadside bar that was essentially in a field.

An Ibiza Town hidden gem.

The bar has been run by the same Ibicencan family, who brew their own beer and make their own wine, for years. Nothing to do with the beer or wine, I can assure you, but I’m afraid I can’t remember the bar’s name.

I loved the fact that we, who live on the island year-round, can still find places that are untouched by mass tourism or luxury. To say the least.

It’s also worth remembering that there are lovely places tucked away in the Dalt Vila, Ibiza Town. Also, April and May are when all the new bars and restaurants open alongside the port so now is a great time to take a stroll.

If you have invited us to scout for a home in a particular location and are planning a fact-finding trip to Ibiza, we’re always happy to take time out and show you the secret side of the island we love. Just ask.

Cala Xarraca, a secluded paradise.
SUP your way to hidden gems.



Tim Stacey

Tim is our Sales & Rentals manager in Ibiza, responsible for all of our listings on The White Isle. As well has having an intricate knowledge of the luxury villa market, he's an enthusiast for everything that Ibiza has to offer. Tim lives with his family in San Juan, in the beautiful north of Ibiza.

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