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The delights of autumn in Ibiza19th October 2021

Spending a lovely autumnal Ibiza day with friends

Autumn in Ibiza may well be my favourite time of the year on the island. In October, the mornings are cool and fresh and the temperature drops in the evening but during the daytime it still feels like summer. November is a little cooler but there are still plenty of warm sunny days.

At the moment, although the craziness of July and August is long gone, it feels like summer might never end. I’m still wearing shorts in the day. The sea is still plenty warm enough to swim in and the beaches are busy but not packed.

This is true of the island in general. Autumn in Ibiza is when it quietens down and it’s easier to do things like get a table at your favourite restaurant. Having said that, the island still feels busy.

Now that some of the restrictions have been lifted, people are spending as much time in the sun as they can.

For people like me who live here all year round, it’s obviously lovely to have such long summers. But autumn in Ibiza is when we rediscover long trousers and being able to dress up a bit to go out.

I love being able to use the duvet at night and am even looking forward to lighting our fire and spending cosy nights at home. Mind you, I can’t imagine I’ll light the fire until late November at least.

All of this adds to that ‘back to school’ feeling, which is literally the case in our family. Noah, my youngest has just started nursery school in Benirras. The first couple of weeks were a little rocky but now he loves it.

Getting him started young

Active again!

This year has been Charles Marlow Ibiza’s busiest year ever. Amazingly, October is proving to be our busiest month on the sales side and things look set to continue into autumn.

We’re flat-out showing houses and people are flying out on viewing trips all the time. And the market shows no signs of slowing down.

Although I’m busy, the cooler days mean I’m getting back into my fitness regime.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I’m a keen cricketer and am also training for my first triathlon, in Formentera in 2022. I can’t think of a better place to have my triathlon baptism.

Cricket is back with a bang. We’ve taken on a new cricket ground in San Lorenzo. This was home to the island’s polo club and playing there is a giant leap forward for us. Before, we played on astroturf but now we have a proper-sized expanse of real, living grass to play on. For the past few months, we’ve all been working hard to get our new pitch in shape.

We’ve also had a surge of new members and players. Which could well be connected to our move.

At the moment, we’re playing every weekend. This will continue until mid-November when we play Sporting Alfas, near Benidorm, one of the top teams in Spain.

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve also found time to start triathlon training again and prepare for 2022. A combination of baking weather, being busy at work and an even busier home life meant that I didn’t do much training over the summer. It feels great to be back.

Boho chic

Halloween clubbing

It used to be that Halloween in Ibiza was for locals to meet up and party after another full on summer. Now, especially with October in Ibiza being so busy, Halloween is not so much of a best-kept secret.

There’s a real buzz of excitement around Halloween clubbing this year.

Legendary DC10 is offering three shows in October. The first one happened on 11 October and was hugely popular.

The last DC10 show this month happens on 25 October. If you’re on the island, it’s probably going to be great. Be warned, though. Friends of mine queued for five hours to get in.

I’ll be heading for Pikes myself on Halloween. Probably my favourite club on the island, Pikes’ Halloween nights are something else.

If you’d like to arrange a viewing or you’d like to take advantage of the delights of autumn in Ibiza and rent a home this month or later in the year do please get in touch.



Tim Stacey

Tim is our Sales & Rentals manager in Ibiza, responsible for all of our listings on The White Isle. As well has having an intricate knowledge of the luxury villa market, he's an enthusiast for everything that Ibiza has to offer. Tim lives with his family in San Juan, in the beautiful north of Ibiza.

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