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The golden hour – running in Ibiza19th July 2021

I’m planning my first triathlon in the autumn and, as I haven’t run any real distance since spring 2016, I need to get my running up to speed. Running in Ibiza is always a pleasure but in these hot summer months, especially with a work and home life that’s as busy as mine right now, takes a bit of planning and forethought.

The best times for running in Ibiza in the summer are as close to sunrise or sunset as possible but this is impossible for me. My golden hour is between 9am and 10am, immediately after dropping our daughter Maya at school and arriving at our office in Ibiza Town.

I have managed a couple of very early runs in my local village of San Juan before taking Maya to summer school but, as the hot nights in Ibiza make it difficult to sleep until it’s cool, early starts are not especially attractive.

Ibiza Town is a beautiful location in which to run and, in any case, I’ve always preferred running in slightly more urban or built up areas than in endless countryside.

The Vara de Rey in central Ibiza Town

My favourite routes

I prefer to start my run in the centre of town and head towards Marina Botafoch. I love boats and as I run towards Talamanca, I admire them at their moorings, shining in the morning sun. There’s also a splendid view of the Old Town across the harbour. I loop back via Talamanca beach and, by the time I’ve completed my circuit, I’ll have done about 4kms.

The other route I take is the same distance but in the opposite direction, up the hill towards Los Molinos and onto the promenade towards Figuerettes and on into Playa d´en Bossa. This route hugs the coast and the views are great. The sea breeze also keeps you cool, a gift when running in Ibiza in the summer.

My plan is to link the two loops together to form a decent 8kms route but, right now, this is a challenge because my slightly increasing fitness levels have coincided with considerably increasing temperatures so I’ve had to adjust my ambitions. I intend to really ramp things up in September.

For now, I will continue with my pre-work 4kms runs. They’re not huge but I find the headspace it gives me – a buffer between my hectic home life and busy work life – is invaluable to my well-being. I’m just looking forward to it getting a bit cooler.

My tips for running in Ibiza in the summer

Try and run in the shade wherever possible.

Wear loose-fitting or vented light and light-coloured, moisture-wicking clothing as well as a hat and sunglasses.

Run at a pace that feels right for you rather than trying to constantly beat your best.

Drink between 16 and 20 ounces of water or a sports drink before running and 8 to 12 ounces within 15 minutes of finishing your run.

Be flexible – if you really feel it wouldn’t be a good idea to run, swim or workout instead.

If you’d like to know the logic behind my tips, go here.

Written by Tim Stacey

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