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Tim Stacey on training for a Formentera triathlon21st January 2021

Raising my bike in triumph or preparing to throw it in the bushes, you decide

Maybe it’s because we’re so glad to see the back of 2020 and are filled with hope for 2021 but it seems like more of us are committing to achieving ambitious goals this year. I’m no different. I’ve started training for a Formentera triathlon. 

The Formentera triathlon I’m aiming for takes place on the gorgeous island that’s around 20 minutes by ferry from Ibiza Town port. It’s for the Formentera Save Posidonia Project, a great cause.

The Formentera triathlon usually takes place in October. Last year’s event was cancelled but I’m hoping that this year’s will happen. Either way, it’s a good date to aim for and gives me plenty of time to train. There are different categories in which to enter, depending on your fitness level, so I’ll also be able to choose one that fits where I’m at with my fitness.

Although I’m inspired by the beginning of a new, hopefully far far better, year, taking part in a triathlon has always been on my to-do list. I’ve just never got round to it.

I’ve always been relatively fit, although my exercise regime has all but disappeared since we had our baby last May – another reason to set myself a goal. At different times in my life, I’ve been a keen runner and cyclist. I’ve run several marathons and always loved running once I’ve got past the ‘I feel really unfit’ stage. When I lived in the UK I cycled a lot and took part in organised races. The longest one was the 100 mile Prudential RideLondon race, the cycling equivalent of the London Marathon.

A glorious deserted Ibiza beach perfect for swimming

Now feels like the right moment to bring running and cycling together – with the swimming, of course. Living in Ibiza, there’s so much beautiful countryside to run and cycle through, not to mention amazing beaches, that I’m sure my exercise regime will be as much a pleasure as a challenge.

Where I live in San Juan is great for cycling especially. There’s a beautiful route with big climbs and stunning sea views. My fitness levels are nowhere near good enough yet to tackle it all properly but that’s my goal. I watch countless cyclists whizz past my front door on Sunday mornings and I hope to be able to keep up with at least some of them in the coming months.

When it comes to running, I have a nice little running route in Ibiza Town that I will be doing a few times each week before I start for work.

It’s also simple for me to take the ferry over to Formentera and follow the exact route of the Formentera triathlon.

I have to say, though, that it’s the swimming that makes me a little nervous. It’s the same for most first time triathletes I’ve been told. In any case, I’m waiting for the weather to warm up before I even think about that. I’m really impressed by my colleague Andreas’s winter swimming challenge in Mallorca.

Andreas had the great idea to document his daily swims on social media and to blog about what he’s doing. By writing this, I’m doing the same thing: once it’s out there that I’m training for a triathlon, I don’t feel I can chicken out. It’s extra motivation but I’m pretty confident that once I’m into my training and seeing my fitness improve – baby and six year old in the house notwithstanding – I’ll stick to it.

And so it begins

Mostly, though, I’ll be easing into my training gently and enjoying having an excellent reason to be out and about in the glorious Ibiza countryside with the warm glow that comes with challenging oneself to achieve a worthy goal. At least that’s the idea.

Written by Tim Stacey






Tim Stacey

Tim is our Sales & Rentals manager in Ibiza, responsible for all of our listings on The White Isle. As well has having an intricate knowledge of the luxury villa market, he's an enthusiast for everything that Ibiza has to offer. Tim lives with his family in San Juan, in the beautiful north of Ibiza.

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