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Counting down to Brexit: talking residencia with PaddyAnne McAllister of Next Stop Ibiza, the island’s go-to relocation agency1st October 2020

PaddyAnne McAllister of Next Stop Ibiza

With less than 100 days left before Brexit, Tim Stacey talks to PaddyAnne McAllister of Next Stop Ibiza about her work guiding people through the Residencia process.

PaddyAnne McAllister, founder of Next Stop Ibiza, is definitely one of the go-to people within the English-speaking community in Ibiza. She’s constantly being recommended on the various Facebook forums where people ask for help with the admin side of life on the island – obtaining residencias, sorting out NIEs and so on.

I’ve known PaddyAnne socially for a few years. She has a young daughter and we see each other from time to time at family events, as well as just generally out and about around the island.

A few years ago, PaddyAnne helped me with my residencia and made the whole process straightforward. As Brexit comes closer, I’m changing my green NIE card for a TIE and I’m asking PaddyAnne to help me and my family do so.

I thought now was a great time to ask PaddyAnne more about herself and what she does.

Can you tell me a little about yourself and how you came to Ibiza, PaddyAnne?

I’ve visited Ibiza annually since 1995. I did my first season in 2001, and my intended last in 2008. I never left after that and have been here ever since with my daughter, all year round.

What does Next Stop Ibiza do and why did you launch the company?

Next Stop Ibiza is my in-demand relocation agency. Having relocated myself, I knew the struggles expats face dealing with the complicated administrative realities and language barriers on the island. But, having worked in the British Consulate, I’d learned how to navigate government systems.

Understanding the challenges and knowing I was able to help people led to me creating Next Stop Ibiza. We’ve helped countless people navigate the bureaucratic Spanish systems in Ibiza and never had an application turned down. I’m proud to say we’ve become Ibiza’s go-to relocation agency.

What does Next Stop Ibiza offer?

We offer a comprehensive list of services for relocators and locals alike. We assist with everything from property searches to general navigation of bureaucratic systems. I work closely with several trusted collaborators, including real estate agents, lawyers, tax advisors and car importation experts. My little black book is always expanding.

How has Brexit impacted your business?

Hugely. Currently, much of my work is related to Brexit, as there are less than 100 days left until the end of the transition period on 31st December.

We’re helping a large number of TIE applicants as well as those converting their old green residencias to new TIE cards. The agency is also taking on an influx of license plate conversions for those hoping to avoid paying extra taxes post Brexit.

What should people starting from scratch know before they approach you to start the process?

If you’re a first-time applicant for residencia, the entire process can take anywhere from two to four months. You apply for the TIE directly at the foreigners office at Casa del Mar. Once you’re approved, you have an additional appointment at the National Police office where you provide photos and have your fingerprints taken. If your entire application is successful, you’ll be issued a new biometric ID card.

And if you already have a green card or one of the A4 residencia certificates?

You go straight to the second stage of the process. The period of validity of your new TIE is dependent on how long you’ve already been a resident. While it is currently not obligatory to exchange the current green residencia for the new TIE, many long-term residents have chosen to do so. Personally, I obtained mine quickly, to be safe.

A vast number of British nationals are desperately trying to guarantee their rights to live, work and study in Spain post-Brexit. Guidance from both the Spanish and British governments is clear – if you want to continue living in Spain, you should apply for the TIE/residencia as soon as possible.

PaddyAnne McAllister

How important is it for people who aren’t yet residents to start the process?

A vast number of British nationals are desperately trying to guarantee their rights to live, work and study in Spain post-Brexit. Guidance from both the Spanish and British governments is clear – if you want to continue living in Spain, you should apply for the TIE/residencia as soon as possible.

Separately, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown many people that they can indeed work remotely which has also led to an influx of relocators. This reality combined with the impending Brexit deadline has made our agency extremely busy.

Also, government offices are working at reduced capacity and appointments are getting increasingly difficult to schedule. We predict this will only get worse and strongly recommend acting fast.

What can people do if they don’t manage to get an appointment before 31st December?

A recent publication from the British Embassy in Madrid recommends that those struggling to get appointments obtain documentation proving that they resided in Spain before 31st December.

If you’d like assistance from Next Stop Ibiza or simply sound advice, PaddyAnne suggests you get in touch at 0034 672733069 or

Written by Tim Stacey

David Holzer

A freelance writer for many years, David is the author of a number of books and magazine articles, mainly on the subjects of the Beat writers and yoga. He is fascinated by the remarkably rich cultural history of Deia, from Robert Graves to the present day.

David also teaches yoga for writers.

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