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Luxury homes in Ibiza: demand rising post-lockdown16th July 2020

As lockdown eases, Charles Marlow Ibiza is working with more serious buyers searching for luxury homes in Ibiza than at any time in the past 12 months.

Sunrise Ibiza

Lockdown and everything that has gone with it has increased many potential buyers’ appetite for luxury homes in Ibiza.

We recently closed our biggest Ibiza sale ever, a large, beautiful home in Santa Gertrudis in the heart of the island. Although this is a standout success for us, we’re selling consistently as our Ibiza operation grows and we meet demand created by global lockdown.

Apart from the timeless charms of the island, the Balearic Islands have been far less affected by the virus than other parts of the world offering a similar mix of a beautiful location, tranquility, and a luxury lifestyle.

This has increased interest in luxury homes in Ibiza compared to other potential investment hotspots or holiday home destinations.

Because Ibiza is such a safe investment, luxury homes on the island are retaining their value well, which is great news for owners. But it does mean that, apart from one or two especially good deals, there aren’t many bargains to be had.

If you accept that you won’t find an incredible bargain and that other savvy Ibiza-lovers are also looking, Charles Marlow is confident we’re offering the best properties at each price range.

Traditional meets contemporary at Can Sierra

We have between 50 and 60 luxury homes in Ibiza in our portfolio that we’re marketing directly for their owners. Our strong partner network with five other trusted real estate agencies on the island means we can access the best luxury homes for sale on Ibiza.

My personal favourites are the amazing Can Tierra, a highly impressive Blakstad renovation consisting of two superb houses in a prime location and Casa Marlow (no relation). This is rather more modest but has just as much, if not more, charm.  It’s a smaller house of enormous beauty.

Looking to the future, recent events have proved that it’s not wise to make predictions too far ahead. But it’s certain that Ibiza will always be a highly desirable destination and that the demand for property will remain constant.

The market is buoyant right now and this will undoubtedly continue into the winter.

I predict that Charles Marlow Ibiza will work with many lovely clients and help several dreams come true.

Finding your luxury dream home with Charles Marlow Ibiza – the personal touch

Charming rustic Casa Marlow

I build relationships with clients by listening to them and understanding what they want and need. Demonstrating that I understand what’s important to them makes the whole process much more straightforward and enjoyable.

I’m constantly searching for the perfect home for my clients. This involves meeting with members of our partner network, socialising with locals – who always have the best contacts! – and even knocking on the doors of houses I like the look of and asking owners if they’re for sale.

Finding a beautiful home I’ve never seen before, especially if it’s for sale, is a real thrill.

Beginning your homebuying journey with Charles Marlow

The Charles Marlow Ibiza approach is very ‘non-sales’. If you’re looking for a luxury home in Ibiza, get in touch and have a chat, even if you’re at the very beginning of your journey.

It’s always a real pleasure for me to speak to people about the island and begin to paint a picture of what life is like here. If you can come and spend some time in Ibiza all the better.

The island has a way of letting you know one way or another if you’re meant to be here. There’s only one way to find out.

I would be delighted to talk to you about all the fantastic homes in our sales portfolio. Email me at or call +34 971 459 504.

Written by Tim Stacey, Charles Marlow Ibiza Rentals Manager








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