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Ibiza lifestyle – Halloween on the island16th November 2016

Halloween went like a dream here because when you live in the countryside of Ibiza, you don’t have to fear trick or treaters, as they will literally never find your house! This has a clear benefit because you don’t need to stock up on sweets and you don’t get stuck with cupboards full of Haribos and lollies that you assumed were discontinued in the 80’s, which then remain in your cupboard meaning months of ‘can I have a sweetie or 10 mum’ being added to the nightly nutritional intake.


The hot family Halloween ticket this year was at The Hard Rock Hotel. The perfect Ibiza mix of class, playfulness, relaxation and party vibes. The rest of the island must have been like a ghost town because everyone I knew was there. I saw a guy who had been at my girlfriend’s house last week checking her plumbing, I saw the head mechanic at our car garage, I saw the maths’ teacher, PE teacher (with the English teacher), the head of the parents’ association, the owner of my closest shop. I saw people who had been in Ibiza on holiday over the summer, back for a half term break. It was free and queue-less, with stalls of easy to buy tapas and desserts, bouncy castles, giant bubble shows, live music and lots of fancy dress. The air was warm and so was the atmosphere. The purists then took themselves off to Bambuddha’s infamous evening of Halloween naughtiness at Pacha, on the Monday 31st. No ‘it’s a week night’ excuses in Ibiza. And what went on there? I couldn’t possibly say.

Another of the year’s milestone festivites passed, in inimitable style. There is always something for everyone here – low to high key, with the girls or the boys, with baby and gran…however you fancy. This is Ibiza, anything goes. Amen to that.

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