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Ibiza life – bare legs and sunshine all year round3rd November 2016

It’s time to finally turn my attention to a serious matter. Summer is over and while the days are fresher in Ibiza, the sun is still strong, so all anyone talks about, the main preoccupation around, the stresser, is what to wear? The grandest of all the first world problems.


Some cautionary words: the first October on the island is the hardest. Guaranteed, as a novice, you will get caught out in jeans and a jumper, sitting al fresco, trying to enjoy a cortado, the sweat gathering at your brow, in your arm pits, down your back, as the locals airily surround you with their floaty cottons. There will be other times when you’ll have looked at the forecast on your phone, believed the 23 degrees with the full sunshine symbol and hummed away to yourself, as you threw on a sun dress and an hour later you’re out on the wrong side of town, goosebumps erupted, freezing! Everyone you notice on your travels would have anticipated this. They’d have whipped out a light jacket, or pulled down discreetly pushed up sleeves. In both cases you’ll see women all around in fabrics that billow in the right places for when the sun stings and trousers and skirts that cover for the shadier moments.

But don’t fear, you’ll soon learn that living in the world of ‘between seasons’ presents opportunities you never thought existed. Imagine those dresses that you see on the catwalk, or in Zara – the ones that are long sleeved but just wouldn’t work with tights. In the UK, Germany or the Netherlands these dresses sit unworn with the tags on. It is either too cold or (occasionally) too hot. But imagine a life where you can wear a short, long sleeved dress with no tights, or shorts with a long sleeved jumper. Or fantasize over jeans and a t-shirt with sandals or a mini skirt with bare legs and dare I say it…Ugg boots*. All those fashion dreams you never believed possible, suddenly become a reality in Ibiza’s Winter.

For men it is trickier. In general I feel sorry for men, sartorially speaking and the options they have. But I think it is safe to say that men tend not to have pretty feet. In warm countries, dressed down men like to strip off their feet and put on a flip flop. In November in Ibiza, when shorts are still on the agenda (is there a male short that is not from the combat family?), a flip flop on a male foot is harder to accept, it is just a little too revealing. So if a shoe is the answer, the next question is: ankle sock or hidden trainer sock? Such a tough choice. Frankly, neither are great. But we know life must be good when we can spend time debating if a man can wear a flip flop or if he really should be covering up his toes by fall.

*Note: on the grounds that I am in possession of a youthful spirit, I have granted myself permission to wear Ugg boots until I am 50, or until my children tell me it looks ridiculous. I think I know which will come first.

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