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Ibiza does Pilates7th September 2016

Now, every vaguely self-knowing over 40 year old will have come around to the idea that pilates is about the only form of exercise that won’t break your hips, irreparably damage your knees or give you a sudden and unexpected heart attack. But mainly we are persuaded when the limitations of the incredibly useful pelvic floor reveal themselves post childbirth (men and women, seriously).

Pilates is everywhere in Ibiza. There are studios in most towns, classes and private sessions. London born Jacky Croad of Ibiza Pilates by Jacky Croad, invites you into her beautiful Santa Gertrudis home, which houses her own tucked away state of the art studio, light streaming in all year round, delicious smelling organic products sink-side.

When I first read the ‘by Jacky Croad’ bit I thought I was going to meet an enthusiastic type who’s been swayed by an episode of Dragons’ Den and bought a franchise. I thought it was by Jacky Croad as in by Jools Oliver or by Pauline Quirke, as in their name is on the flyer but it’s not actually them. I wasn’t expecting the actual Jacky, or Jax as she is known.

My first meeting was more of a retreat than a lesson. I was booked in for 10 am. Jax is never late, the problem is that her clients live in Ibiza. Most her sessions spill over into something beyond pilates. Jax is a clever woman, she understands that clients don’t only come to her because they are in crisis in body, but in the other, harder to reach place. So pilates with Jax ends up a wider therapy. You can’t help yourself. She is a tall, blond larger than life, character who isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions and isn’t scared to spare you the truth. But because she is funny and beautiful, with a toothpaste ad smile, she gets away with it. So, that first time, my own session started once we had finished wrapping up the counseling session of the incredibly fragile and grateful previous; there were hugs and sympathetic groans and herbal teas and Jax displayed unwavering patience and compassion.

She has serious credentials behind her. She is highly qualified in Refomer and Body Control Matwork pilates and has recently trained to teach pregnant and post-natal women.  I asked her what Reformer was and she started to explain the mechanics of complex machine. Then she took a beat, switched tack and said “a reformer is a wicked piece of equipment that makes your arse rock hard.”

More than anything her posture is so perfect you just have to trust her. Perhaps her real secret is where she chose to maker her home.  “I’m international,” she says, this sun weathered English rose. She’s lived and worked in London, Essex, Tokyo and Sydney and nowhere makes her happier than Ibiza. As she puts it “Ibiza gives me everything I need to live a happy life.” I have a strong sense that she’ll make me very happy too.

That said, we all know this is a distraction from the real–life business of getting free entry to the last ever, 15,000€ per table Space closing closing. In the meantime, Jax will keep up standing tall.



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