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Ibiza – A love letter to the island from its residents26th August 2016

The summer has been audacious, awesome, artistic, arresting and ambitious. Every giant season they say the next one will be bigger and it seems impossible to imagine, impossible to believe that more magic, parties, good food, relaxation and all round high end hippiness could be packed into 571 sq kms but somehow it happens.

The last week of August is the time that many residents return to the rock, as the first step-down of the season begins. Lots of us leave during the busiest months, to visit family and other places (read: reassure ourselves we have chosen the best one) or to rent our precious homes to hungry punters with substantial budgets. For us returners, this is a time to take stock and remember what we love and why we return. I’m brimming with confidence from my artist’s interview two weeks ago, so I thought I’d put my investigative wig back on and ask friends and acquaintances why they are so happy to call Ibiza their home.

I wasn’t so surprised when the same themes came up time and time again, what I didn’t expect was that I would find them so damn moving! So I give you the real residents of Ibiza, in their own words. (You’ll note the gender bias, the girls just seemed to say it better, answer quicker…)

Ibiza residents talk of a liberalness that is all around and infectious, like Michelle, a Brit living in Can Furnet,

“I love Ibiza because of the freedom of spirit it gives you. An open mindedness and a non-judgmental attitude that most people that come here soon seem to adopt.”  

Craig, my Geordie mate, who lives near Es Canar put it this way:

“My favorite thing about living in Ibiza is probably the free, laid back attitude to life as opposed to the uptight, rigid, fast pace of the cities. There is much less protocol in social groupings as you will find billionaires mixing with homeless musicians discussing life in local bars and restaurants.”

Jax, my friend who is equal parts Essex woman and international sophisticat agreed that in Ibiza you can be whoever you wanted and “it’s a 2 hour flight (sic) from London and on such a small island I feel I get everything I need to make my life happy.”

Most my Friends have kids (forgive us) and the way we are able to bring up our kids in Ibiza, is one of the things residents love the most, like Jen, my gorgeous girlfriend from over there on the edges of San An (her house and view are stunning, open your minds readers), “My fave thing about Ibiza is seeing my kids being kids…the weather means it’s much easier to have an outdoors lifestyle and not be bogged down by technology.”

This was echoed by my Brummie soul mate Navine, who says she loves living a social life with her kids and Michelle expressed this so beautifully too, saying that she loves:

“long lazy lunches with family and friends. Children alongside adults, engaged in interesting conversation or running freely on the beach.  A melting pot of sunshine, laughter and love.” As Marissa from Cala Lena says, “Age has no boundaries.”

For Chantal, originally from Cape Town and living in San Carlos, it’s that nexus of nature and dynamism: “I love Ibiza for its breathtaking natural beauty and the drum that Ibiza beats to reminds me of South Africa where I was lucky enough to spend my youth. But it has that cosmpolitan feel of London where I was blessed to spend most of my 20s and 30s. It’s the perfect combination.”

The draw of Ibiza’s natural beauty is significant. Put simply by Grace from way past San Joan:

“The light is magnificent and I can swim in the sea nearly everyday.” (She does, clearly she has a super-human body thermometer, but she does.) And my Italian sista from Santa Gertrudis says, “it’s the triple – light, sea, nature.”

Perhaps unexpected, but for Tim, a newer resident, the magic of Ibiza is found in its winters, “The summer is fantastic and lots of fun, but the winter months are a joy to behold… and it’s great to have the beaches all to ourselves!”

Whether Ibiza is your permanent home or a place you visit often or little, we all feel the energetic pull and it stays with you even when you’re away. But I’ve got to leave the last words to my gorgeous pop princess Jen:

“I love Ibiza as it was shabby chic before shabby chic was chic and it’ll never be too shabby and you can never have enough chic.”

And that’s a wrap. Or a rap.


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