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Hidden Gem #7 – Can Pujol29th June 2016

Hidden Gems’ is an opportunity for us to let you know that we’ve recently been somewhere that really think you should know about it too!  It might be somewhere we’ve been going for a while, or something we’ve chanced upon for the first time.  It might be a restaurant, a bar, a beach…it could be anything at all that has reminded us just why we love living in Ibiza so much!

We hope you get the opportunity to check them out too.  If we’ve missed any – tweet us at @cm_ibiza with hashtag #ibizahiddengem


can pujol 1
Dining al fresco at Can Pujol


For the freshest of fish, served as simply as can be, in the most beautiful setting, treat yourself to lunch or dinner at Can Pujol. When we first knew of it, the rumour was that if the owner didn’t deem the catch to be good enough, he wouldn’t open. Perhaps the truth is that the quality of the catch rarely disappoints, as I have never not seen them open, but the myth is charming.

Located part way between Cala de Bou (San Antonio’s outpost) and Cala Bassa, Can Pujol’s interior is as simple as its fare. It sits at sea level, a large covered area, so close to the sea that you can feel and smell the salt. Nightly, unspoilt sunsets disappear at the horizon’s edge, leaving behind the dark shadow of the island of Conajera and lapping ink-coloured waves.

Pick from mussels or rice a banda to start, a highly flavoured rice dish mixed with a calamari type fish and then go for the mixed grill or lobster, if you’re pulling out all the stops. There is no fusion, no goats’ cheese, no fancy garnishes or sauces to this menu.

It is fish from the local seas, potatoes and peppers. It is heavenly. An open secret amongst local families, Sunday lunches are sold out all year round. If you can’t get a table, ape our current trick: order take-away paella. We drive away with the piping hot, giant paella in our car and pop the empty dish back the next day.


Only the freshest produce at Can Pujol


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