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Hidden Gem #1 – Bar Anita, San Carlos22nd April 2016

The first in a new series from the Charles Marlow Ibiza team. ‘Hidden Gems’ is an opportunity for us to let you know that we’ve recently been somewhere that really think you should know about it too!  It might be somewhere we’ve been going for a while, or something we’ve chanced upon for the first time.  It might be a restaurant, a bar (like Bar Anita), a beach…it could be anything at all that has reminded us just why we love living in Ibiza so much!

We hope you get the opportunity to check them out too.  If we’ve missed any – tweet us at @cm_ibiza with hashtag #ibizahiddengem


Bar Anita eating
A busy lunchtime in Bar Anita’s courtyard (San Carlos)


Bar Anita is a bit of an institution in these parts.  Situated in the charming San Carlos and facing the beautiful church this place was once famous for serving the ‘real absinthe’.  The ambience is relaxed and the food is good honest Spanish cuisine at it’s best.  Often referred to as the original ‘hippie bar’, it is as popular now as it was in the 1960s and still acts as the main meeting hub for those in the area.

There was a time when the local hippies, who often wouldn’t have fixed addresses, would rely on the post boxes within the bar to have their mail delivered (pictured above).  These post boxes are still very much operational and in daily use by today’s locals.  What’s more, this place used to house the only working telephone in the village, making it even more of a useful destination for the local residents.  Again, the original working telephone can still be found there today!


Bar Anita

Contact details:  Lugar Barri San Carlos

07850 San Carlos (Ibiza)

Phone: (+34) 971 33 50 90

Bar Anita
Bar Anita, from the roadside





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